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Mon, Jun 5th, 2023
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Technology Associates Inc.(remembered)
The EternaLight assets of Technology Associates, Inc.
have been transfered to EternaLights, LLC. All orders and services issues will be handled by them.

In 1992, Thomas Hoops and Derone Bryson founded Technology Associates. In 1994, their partnership incorporated under the name of Technology Associates, Inc. Between 1993 and 2000, Technology Associates successfully operated a small chain of computer stores in the Reno/Sparks area which sold and serviced computers.
Technology Associates was also one of the founding investors in Great Basin Internet Services (GBIS), Northern Nevada's Largest Independent internet service provider. In 1998, TA divested itself of GBIS. In 2000, TA divested itself of it's retail stores to pursue manufacturing of the EternaLight flashlight and other related and unrelated products developed by Thomas Hoops and Derone Bryson. In 2007, the organization formerly known as Technology Associates, Inc., founded by Thomas Hoops and Derone Bryson in 1992 ceased to exist.

This site is still a functioning sales platform for the EternaLight products manufactured and sold by EternaLights, LLC. However, the remainder of the site remains as it was in it's finality before the closing of Technology Associates, Inc.

Today Mr. Bryson is privately employed as a Software Engineer. Mr. Hoops is privately employed in a manufacturing company as it's CTO. After working together since 1990, through their various projects and partnerships, Mr. Hoops and Mr. Bryson are still best friends and continue to explore new opportunities together.


eternaLight FAQ,
Support and tips/tricks...

Ah... so many questions and NOW finally, some answers!
(last updated 6/1/02)
  • When I turn on my light, the lights go out one by one shortly after, why?
    This is the number one clue that you did not take the time to read the manual that came with your flashlight. Your flashlight comes up in the "Timer" mode. It intentionally self extinguishes so as to not consume power if it was accidentally turned on. Read your manual :)

  • Is the eternaLight waterproof?
    Currently, the model 2 eternaLight is not. If it is splashed, it will likely survive. But, if it is immersed, it should be turned off, and have the batteries removed and allowed to dry as soon as possible. If you wish to quickly provide some water tightness to the unit, simply seal it in a ZIP-LOCK bag. Since you do not need to access any sliding switches or twist the unit to turn it on or control it like a conventional flashlight, it will function this way just fine, and, it won't void your warranty. The models 3, 3M, 3X, 4M and 4X eternalights are water resistant. The models 3M and 4M float! They are slightly larger than the Model 2. See Statement of water tightness for details.

  • Some of my lights are brighter than others, is there something wrong?
    First, a variation is color is normal (see question after next). Second, a slight variation in intensity is normal also. Remember, most flashlights only have one bulb so people aren't use to having four of them to compare. In other LED flashlights which use multiple lamps, they're often clustered together so it is hard to see differences but they all have them. However, a major variation in intensity is a good indicator that it is time to change your batteries.

  • How can I get an even longer battery life?
    The current standard model 2, 3 and 3X eternaLight is shipped with Energizer ultra alkaline batteries. The time ratings given in your manual are based on these batteries. The old cheap zinc-carbon batteries will work fine but provide a much shorter life. The best battery we recommend at this time is the Eveready L-91 AA lithium battery. This should perform 20 to 30 percent on average longer than the standard alkaline batteries mentioned above. They also provide some added benefits: Alkalines have a shelf life of about 7 years. These batteries have a shelf life of 10 years! They weigh about 1/3 less than the alkaline batteries. They will perform in a much colder environment and will function longer in a much hotter one. They are readily available at your local Radio Shack but.... they cost about 4 times as much as the Duracell or Eveready alkaline batteries. If cost is not an issue, these are the batteries to have.

  • Can I use rechargeable batteries?
    Yes. However, the light may not be as bright because the nominal cell voltage of nickel-cadmium and the newer nickel metal hydride batteries are lower than alkalines. Also, nickel-cadmium and nickle metal hydride batteries have a lower internal resistance which results in a much shorter shelf-life after a charge (typically no more than three months). Considering the tremendous amount of time the eternaLight affords in use from standard alkaline batteries, it hardly seems worth the hassle of using nickel-cadmium or nickle metal hydride batteries. In general, any cell voltage between 1.25 and 1.7 volts is safe to use but the best performance and brightness will be achieved with cell voltages greater than 1.45 volts (as in alkalines, lithium and zinc carbons).

  • Not all of the lamps are the same color, what's wrong?
    Nothing is wrong, this is normal. The color of the lamps will vary slightly, some have a pinkish, yellowish, blueish or greenish tint. This does not affect the performance or life and is normal. If you thought your eternalight was expenseive to begin with, it would be even more expensive if we had to color match the lamps. At this time, the lamp manufacturer is not capable of getting the color consitancy tighter - remember, this is a new technology.

  • Is there a way to "Clip" my eternaLight onto something?
    There are, available from us, nylon and leather carrying cases which clip to a belt, pants or through a belt. They protect the light extremely well and are attractive. However, they are not intended to allow the light to be used while in the case. These cases are $15.00 and are available for all models (nylon and leather for the Model 2 and leather only for the Model 3 & 3M). Sticking vel-cro to the eternalight to affix it to areas (including the bill of a baseball cap) works well and will not void the warranty. The Model 3, 3X, 3M, 4M and 4X have holes for lanyards. The Model 4M and 4X also have magnets on the back for attaching to metal surfaces.

  • I dropped my light and the LED's are bent (they're not pointing straight ahead) - what do I do?
    This is more of a problem with the Model 2 than the Model 3s. It was decided that the small amount of additional illumination was worth sacrificing in the model 3's to recess the lamps some for better protection and to retain alignment. However, we should state that the lamps are extremely durable (well beyond that of the flashlight itself) so damage to the actual lamps has never been seen yet. So, the following procedure is really written for the Model 2 since the Model 3's don't really have this problem. Now then, if you don't feel confident trying the following procedure yourself, you can send the unit to us to request a light alignment and we will perform this for you. However, you can perform this yourself by doing the following:
    1. Remove the two screws (model 2) and open the cover. See your manual (Replacing batteries) for how to do this.
    2. With the batteries still in place, push all the LED's flush against the inside of the bezel (the channel they intentionally protrude through). BE CAREFUL to avoid bending the leads of the LED's too much.
    3. Replace the battery cover and screws.
    4. Against a white surface, turn the light on and hold it perpendicular to the surface about three inches away. Then, look at the pattern of light projected onto the surface. The pattern should paint a straight line.
    5. Push the LED's up or down (NOT IN) to achieve as close to a straight line as possible.
    6. Move the light 4 to 6 inches back and forth, the pattern should remain straight, only expanding as you pull away from the surface. If you notice one or more lights straying from the pattern as you move back and forth, bend them up or down until the pattern remains straight when moving.

  • What is the failure rate on eternaLights?
    As of the date of this entry 8/12/99, thousands of eternaLights have been sold and only 4 units have been returned for warranty/repair! As of January 1, 2002 failure rate was less than .5%

  • If my eternaLight does not qualify for warranty, how can I get it repaired?
    Simply send $10.00 and your eternaLight to us and we will correct whatever the problem is regardless of abuse for this blanket fee. All eternalights have retroactively been upgraded to a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Is there a difference in function between the Model 2 and the Model 3s?
    The Model 2 still uses the older software. The difference between the software in the Model 2 and the Model 3 is minor but there are some. Of most interest, the Model 3 has a battery check feature which the Model 2 does not. There are some timing and responsiveness improvements in the Model 3 software as well. In the Model 3 software, you can select the individual lamp in the dimmest setting. The Model 3 software also has a consistant "click scale" for dim settings where the Model 2 has a "glide down" type adjustment for the dim setting.

  • Is there an alternate way to explain how to use the battery check feature?
    As mentioned above, this feature is only in newer model 3's. Included here is the text which a user sent to us recently:
    Hi Tom,
    Just a quick note to let you know my technique that is proving 100% successful at getting the battery voltage.
    1) position my digital watch so I can see it clearly.
    2) turn Eternalight on.
    3) Press and hold rate button.
    4) observe second as light flashes
    5) add 10
    6) release on that number.
    It is pretty mindless and works perfectly.
    I love this flashlight,
    Thanks to Ken Barnsdale for that info. The reason the battery test function is not a simpler process is because it was added to the functionality with the remaining resources of the microcontroller. To simplify this feature would require a hardware change, increasing the price. It was simply something we could add without increasing the cost, so we did :)

  • Sometimes my light comes on all by itself - is there something wrong?
    There are two things which can cause this. Neither are signs of a defective unit. In models made prior to Feb 2001, static electricity would sometimes cause them to turn on. Carrying in a pocket, or plastic package where static could build up and exchange with the unit could cause a power on. Fortunately the timer will usually save you here. While it appears this problem has been corrected in new units, it has recently been discovered that certain cell phones, in certain modes (analog vs. digital) can cause the unit to turn on if they are within 8 inches or less proximity of the phone or radio. Certain Motorola, Nokia and Nextel models have been identified of being capable of doing this. You can experiment with your phone by placing your light next to the phone and calling the phone. If the light comes on by itself, then you have this situation. If this is a concern, and keeping the two separate is not an option, you may try storing your flashlight in a metal tin like band-aid box or wrapping it in aluminum foil.

  • How bright is the eternaLight?
    This is a very difficult question to answer. The problem is that most of the measurement systems used for comparison today are based on incandescent and fluorescent lights. The bands emitted by a white LED are different so they are not fully accounted for by most rating systems. And, since your eye is more sensitive to some colors than other, pure power output in terms of watts is useless for determining useful light. Lumens would be the most practical but again, it doesn't account for certain bands emitted by white LEDs. For example, most people say our light is brighter than a mini maglight. Yet, the mini maglight produces about 20 lumens and ours only produces about 10. Consequently, all we can answer for most people is that it puts out enough light to be used as a bicycle headlamp. And, it is visible from over 3 miles away and can illuminate objects from over 80 feet.

  • How tight should I make my screws?
    We recommend 3.5 oz-inches for Model 3 series and 3.25 oz-inches for Model 4 series. However, this may not be practical for most people to measure. So, a laymen's rule would be to tighten the screw until the case begins to compress the gasket. Over-tightening a Model 3 can result in striped threads in the plastic. Over-tightening a Model 4 can result in postponed fractures or breakage. The polycarbonate of the Model 4 series will not usually show immediate overstress. Part of the strength of this material is in its ability to deal with impulse or short duration stress, not sustained stress.

  • The Magnet fell out of my Model 4 series...
    The magnets in the Model 4 series are attached with a double sided tape adhesive that appears to let go after some period (several days) of force. Until a more permanent adheasive is found, we don't recommend that you store the unit suspended by its magnet unless you have re-adheared it with a sufficient adheasive.

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