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Linux Products

Mouse Pads
Tired of the Windows World? Well, let your collegues know it with Technology Associate's quality Mouse pads. Made with 1/4" rubber foam backing a and a soft nylon mousing surface, these comfortable and durable mouse pads will do the job well and receive many laughs and ataboys! We poke plenty of fun at Windows 95/98 with our standard Mouse Maze mouse pad with great captions like "CAUTION: Not for internal use. If swallowed, use Windows 98 to induce vomiting." And, our Try Linux mouse pad will definitely get responses from your associates with the caption "Tired of being Microsoft's BiTCH?"

Mouse Maze pad

Item# MISC00014 Only $4.99 (sorry, out of stock)

Tired of being Microsoft's BiTCH

Item# MISCBITCH Only $4.99 (sorry, out of stock)

Want to convey your love for Linux in a stylish way? These fine executive Rosewood pens are the perfect answer. The laser etched message "GNU/Linux RULES! Stands out with class and CRASS! Twist action, black ink.

GNU/Linux RULES! Pen

Item# PROMLIPEN Only $12.99 Add to Order

In the spirit of the mousepad above, "Tired of being Microsoft's Bitch?", a matching coffee mug! White porcelain 11oz. A perfect way to start the day!

MS Bitch Cup

(Flip side)

Item# MISCMSMUG Only $7.99 Add to Order

Call Technology Associates toll free at 877-TECH-ASS or 775-331-3330 to order today! MC/Visa/Discover Accepted.

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