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psAFM Struct Reference

psAFM structure. More...

#include <ps/ps.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

char* fontName
char * fullName
char * familyName
char * weight
char * version
char * notice
char * encodingScheme
char * escChar
char * characterSet
int metricsSets
int mappingScheme
int characters
int numCharMetrics
int isBaseFont
int isFixedV
double fontBBox [4]
double vVector [2]
double capHeight
double xHeight
double ascender
double descender
PSAFMDirection directions [3]

Detailed Description

psAFM structure.

Member Data Documentation

double psAFM::ascender


double psAFM::capHeight

cap height

PSAFMCharMetric * psAFM::charMetrics

char metrics

char * psAFM::characterSet

character set

int psAFM::characters


double psAFM::descender


PSAFMDirection psAFM::directions[3]


char * psAFM::encodingScheme

encoding scheme

char * psAFM::escChar

esc char

char * psAFM::familyName

family name

double psAFM::fontBBox[4]

font bounding box

char * psAFM::fontName

font name

char * psAFM::fullName

full font name

int psAFM::isBaseFont

base font flag

int psAFM::isFixedV

fixedV flag

int psAFM::mappingScheme

mapping scheme

int psAFM::metricsSets

number of metrics sets/directions

char * psAFM::notice


int psAFM::numCharMetrics

number of char metrics

double psAFM::vVector[2]

v vector

char * psAFM::version


char * psAFM::weight


double psAFM::xHeight

x height

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