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psFont Struct Reference

psFont structure. More...

#include <font.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

char* fontFileName
char * fontMetricFileName
char * fontName
char * fontFamily
int weight
int width
int italic
int fontType

Detailed Description

psFont structure.

This is the structure stored in the font list (psFontList) for each available font.

Member Data Documentation

char * psFont::fontFamily

font family name

char * psFont::fontFileName

physical font file name

PSAFM * psFont::fontMetric

AFM font metric

char * psFont::fontMetricFileName

physical font metrics file name

char * psFont::fontName

font name

int psFont::fontType

font type

int psFont::italic

font is italic (bool)

int psFont::weight

font weight

int psFont::width

font width

PSList * psFont::xFontNames

list of X XLFD's

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