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ttf.c File Reference

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "ps.h"
#include "freetype/freetype.h"

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int psTTInit (void)
 Initializes the True Type functions of the library. More...

void psTTDone (void)
 Shuts down TT functions. More...

PSTTFontInfopsTTFontInfoAlloc (void)
 Allocates and initializes a new psTTFontInfo structure. More...

void psTTFontInfoFree (PSTTFontInfo* info)
 Frees up a psTTFontInfo structure. More...

PSTTFontInfopsTTGetFontInfo (char *fileName)
 Get True Type font info from specified file. More...

int psTTGetPSFontWidth (PSTTFontInfo* info)
 Get PS font width from psTTFontInfo structure. More...

int psTTGetPSFontWeight (PSTTFontInfo* info)
 Get PS font weight from psTTFontInfo structure. More...

int psTTFToT1PFA (char *ttfFileName, PSStream *pfa, int flags)
 Convert a True Type font to a Postscript Type 1. More...

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