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xbNdx Class Reference

xbNdx class. More...

#include <ndx.h>

Class diagram for xbNdx:


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Public Members

 xbNdx ( xbDbf * )
xbShort OpenIndex ( const char * FileName )
xbShort CloseIndex ()
xbShort CreateIndex ( const char *IxName, const char *Exp, xbShort Unique, xbShort OverLay )
xbLong GetTotalNodes ()
xbLong GetCurDbfRec ()
xbShort CreateKey ( xbShort, xbShort )
xbShort GetCurrentKey (char *key)
xbShort AddKey ( xbLong )
xbShort UniqueIndex ()
xbShort DeleteKey ( xbLong )
xbShort KeyWasChanged ()
xbShort FindKey ( const char *Key )
xbShort FindKey ()
xbShort FindKey ( xbDouble )
void DumpHdrNode ()
void DumpNodeRec ( xbLong NodeNo )
void DumpNodeChain ()
xbShort CheckIndexIntegrity ( const xbShort Option )
xbShort GetNextKey ()
xbShort GetLastKey ()
xbShort GetFirstKey ()
xbShort GetPrevKey ()
xbShort ReIndex (void (*statusFunc)(xbLong itemNum, xbLong numItems) = 0)
xbShort KeyExists ( const char * Key )
xbShort KeyExists ( xbDouble )
virtual void SetNodeSize (xbShort size)
virtual void GetExpression (char *buf, int len)

Detailed Description

xbNdx class.

The documentation for this class was generated from the following files:
  • ndx.h
  • ndx.cpp

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