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xbXBase Class Reference

xbXBase class. More...

#include <xbase.h>

Class diagram for xbXBase:

xbExpn xbStack xbDate

List of all members.

Public Members

 ~xbXBase ()
 xbXBase ()
xbShort AddDbfToDbfList (xbDbf *d, const char *DatabaseName)
xbDbfGetDbfPtr ( const char *Name )
xbShort DirectoryExistsInName ( const char *Name )
xbShort GetEndianType ( void )
void DisplayError ( const xbShort ErrorCode ) const
xbDouble GetDouble ( const char *p )
xbLong GetLong ( const char *p )
xbULong GetULong ( const char *p )
xbShort GetShort ( const char *p )
void PutLong ( char *p, const xbLong l )
void PutShort ( char *p, const xbShort s )
void PutULong ( char *p, const xbULong l )
void PutUShort ( char *p, const xbUShort s )
void PutDouble ( char *p, const xbDouble d )
xbShort RemoveDbfFromDbfList ( xbDbf * )

Static Public Members

const char* GetErrorMessage ( const xbShort ErrorNo )

Detailed Description

xbXBase class.

The documentation for this class was generated from the following files:
  • xbase.h
  • xbase.cpp

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