Turbo Vision Interface

Page Updated 1/30/99

Begining with release 1.8.0a, an interface to Turbo Vision has been provided by Vitaly Fedrushkov - email willy@snowyowl.csu.ac.ru.

Turbo Vision is a powerful class library that provides best of breed text mode interface with SAA/CUA flavor. Turbo Vision is copyrighted by (former) Borland Intl.

This code corresponds to Turbo Vision version 2 for DOS, which can be found at


However, it works great with TurboVision for Unix (0.6 -- or any other at your option). This port is (c) Sergio Sigala and can be found at


Comments and complaints are welcome.

To do:

o Index support. RecNo-based addressing is hammered into TListViewer. May require great rewrite.
o Horizontal scrolling.
o Locked (non-scrollable) columns.
o Nontrivial memo field handling.
o In-place editing.
o Documentation


o More testing (DOS/Windows or BSD)
o Better idea for demo app (maybe bin/dbfutil.cpp ?)

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