Library Options and Methods

Chapter Updated 2/1/99

xbXbase Class Methods

void xbXBase::DisplayError(xbShort ErrorNumber)Display error text
char * xbXbase::GetDefaultDateFormat()Return the default date format
void xbXBase::SetDefaultDateFormat(char * Format)Set the default date format

Method Definitions

Method void xbXbase::DisplayError( xbShort ErrorNo )

This method prints a text description of an error code.

Example Code Snipit:

xbShort rc; rc = d.SomeXbaseFunction(...); if( rc < 0 ) x.DisplayError( rc ); else DoSomethingUsefull();

Method char * xbXBase::GetDefaultDateFormat( void )
Method void xbXBase::SetDefaultDateFormat( char * NewDateFormat )

These methods are used for retrieving and setting the default date format which is used by expression function DTOC.

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