Help with the Xbase project

Page Updated 11/20/98

The Xbase project is looking for volunteers to help continue building the Xbase library. If you would like to assist, no volunteers are turned down.

The xbase project can use help in any of the following areas:

  • Assist with a screen I/O Xbase compatible library

  • Testing

  • Marketing

  • Interpret into other languages

  • Provide feedback on any aspect of Xbase, bugs, bad html links, spelling, etc..

  • Migrate Xbase DBMS to other platforms

  • Develop makefiles for other platforms

  • Integrate Xbase with other projects / products

  • Documentation

  • Develop any relevant routines or modules to include with xbase

  • Develop additional index routines (ie; Foxpro)

  • Create a How-to on adding additional new expression functions

  • Create a How-to on adding additional index formats (like Clipper and Foxpro)

  • CVS Access to the current working copy of Xbase

  • Send me mail if you are interested -

    (c)1997 StarTech